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August Holidays Information from Holidays and Observances Our August Holidays page will allow you to search for all the Holidays and Observances which fall within the month of August.

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The psychology behind child abuse and neglect - UK Essays The Psychology of the Child deals with mental growth or, what amounts to the same thing, the development of behavior patterns (including co...

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Well - The New York Times We often use technology to form meaningful relationships with virtual strangers. But what happens when the person on the other side of the screen dies?

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Alcohol: Facts, Effects and Health Risks - Medical News Today Alcohol has short-term and long-term effects. Drinking a small amount can help people feel relaxed, but too much, too often, can be harmful for health.

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how to pass Mrcog first time - The Stockport DRCOG Return to 'Suggested Reading'. Paediatrics. You need to know resuscitation of the newborn and its latest protocol. The best source of information is a paediatric registrar or consultant neonatologist.

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