Asteroid Hits The Earth | How Dinosaurs Died | Asteroid Kills Dinosaurs

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Description: Dinosaurs once ruled the Earth - we all know. But do you know how did the big buddies disappear all the way? For quite a few decades the story of the disappearance of dinosaurs was under covers. Meanwhile Eggs, skeletons, and other fossils of dinosaurs were being found all over the world. Every time they asked the same question – Just how did they vanish from all over the world at around the same time? Was there a catastrophic event behind this mystery? Among all these unsolved questions, there was an accidental discovery in the peninsula of Mexico where a team of researchers discovered the impact site of an asteroid which was responsible for the catastrophic event due which destroyed the millions of year old civilization of the dinosaurs. 1. How Did The Dinosaurs Disappear? It was this asteroid which brought the havoc to the earth 66 million years ago. It not just only marked the dinosaurs but also 75% species of the time were gone dead due to the powerful strike and aftermath of the asteroid impact. 2. How Powerful Was The Asteroid? The asteroid is estimated to be 10 km wide and it hit the earth with a speed of more than 100, 000 km per hour. It struck the shallow waters of the Mexico peninsula where it created a crater 180 km wide and 20 km deep. The crater still exists beneath the water in the peninsula. The asteroid impact was equal to 1 billion times the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. 3. Tsunami waves & Earthquakes The impact triggered a big wave of Tsunami which hit most of the areas of the North America and the South America continent. It also shook the earth causing earthquake of 11 Magnitude which again led to triggering of Tsunamis But this was just the beginning. 4. Widespread Wildfires Many dinosaurs and other species were burned up. Heavy loads of dust, fired up rocks and debris were blown high into the space just to fall back into the earth minutes later. The debris turned into millions ashes as it fell on earth. This combined with dust storms to cause the wildfire, and contribute to turning earth into a living hell. 5. Dinosaurs are buried in Storms Not it was the storm with a magnitude of 20 thousand km per hour to carry the death. Many species were buried alive in the dusty storms. 6. A Decade Long Aftermath The storms covered the earth’s atmosphere prevented sunlight to enter the earth for decades. It was the beginning of the Ice Age which lasted for a decade. All the life was deprived of sunlight hence vanished totally.
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