WATCH: Barack H. Obama Mocks The Bible & Jesus Christ For 3 Minutes. It’s All On Video.

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Description: WATCH: Barack H. Obama Mocks The Bible & Jesus Christ For 3 Minutes. It’s All On Video. Barack Obama is the epitome of a godless Leftist. His presidency–which nearly ruined this country–showcases the morally bankrupt ideology of a radical movement that has complete disdain for Christianity. Of course, the media doesn’t want Americans to know how anti-Christian Obama is. That’s why they’ve tried their best to conceal this revealing video, in which Obama shamefully mocks the Bible and Jesus Christ himself. SICK! Just listen to how he painted the Bible. By taking these passages out of context, Obama wanted to depict Biblical teachings at backward, barbaric, and evil. It’s the standard Leftist tactic of discrediting Christ’s teachings. Can you believe he even had the nerve to insult the Sermon on the Mount? Obama has no sense of decency whatsoever! He disrespects what is widely considered the greatest religious sermon ever delivered! We all knew Obama was bad news, but many didn’t know he was willing to sink to these depths–blaspheming in front of a live audience! And the worst part is the people there cheered! The devil certainly has his disciples! Barack Hussein Obama is upfront on his criticisms of the Bible. But when did he ever call out Islam or the Koran? We’re talking about the book that says it’s okay to kill infidels (anyone who isn’t a Muslim). Islam is the religion that’s inspired thousands if not tens of thousands or millions of innocent deaths all around the world. The terrorists who target Western cities are simply doing their Muslim duty as described in their holy book. Where’s Obama mocking of the Koran? Of course, he’ll never do that because he’s an Islamic sympathizer. Islam can do no wrong in Obama’s eyes. ISIS could take out a US city, and old Barack would be out there making excuses for Islam. The most absurd part of Barack Obama’s story is that he pretended to be a Christian for so many years. Naturally, real patriots saw right through his charade. But, before he moved our country so far to the Left, he had to pretend to pay tribute to Christianity to so the unseeing masses would vote for him. A complete hypocrite! But Obama was never a Christian. What kind of Christian supports abortion; the murder of innocent children that is completely contrary to God’s law? What kind of Christian throws his support behind gay marriage, which perverts the sanctity of marriage as God himself instituted it? What kind of Christian supports the Leftist state, which seeks to replace worship of God with the worship of the State. It’s all part of the progressive plan. Leftism is a religion. That’s why they become so fanatical when their warped worldview is challenged. They’re zealots! They don’t want competition from true religion. For that reason, Democrats fight like mad to stamp out Christianity But they do embrace Islam because they need the Muslim voting block to win elections. Obama and the irreverent Leftists are enemies of God and America. Thank God we now have God-fearing men like Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the White House!
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