Some Important Channel Updates: Stopping Daily Levels Series, New Editing Software, New Background,

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Description: If you care about my channel you should probably waste 2 and a half minutes watching this. Just a few small updates. I have a lot of videos that I wanna start working on so stay tuned! Anyways you should go outside or something right now. Wimptastic: Blade of Justice Gameplay: Minions Gameplay: Intro Song: Credits Song: Uhh... There was none. Type "JoeysWorldTour Sent Me" in the comments if you're reading this. Overpriced Shirts ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Twitter ► Second Channel ► Discord Server ► DeviantArt (Just For Fanart) ► Twitch (Inactive) ► Steam ► RiverCiver (A.K.A. xriverciverx) Common Questions ———————————- Question: What is my screen recorder? Answer: I use a built-in Mac app called QuickTime Player to record my phone and I cheap screen recorder literally called “Screen Capturer & Recorder” to record my computer screen. Question: How do you get your text-to-speech voice? Answer: I use TextEdit, another built-in Mac app. I don’t want to go into detail about how to use Text-to-Speech Question: What do I edit with? Answer: I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro now, I used to edit with iMovie.
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