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Description: Available on - https://itunes.apple.com/th/album/do-... https://play.spotify.com/album/7z7A2x... Do my Dance Artist: DaboyWay Directed by: Nick Barbieri VFX By : Putiroj Devakul Produced by: Willie Bones Written by: Prinya Intachai & Dru "2 Smooth" Wijemanne Mixed and Mastered by: Dru "2 Smooth" Wijemanne Chorus: 2x Cause I'm young getting money bout to do my dance got the whole club litty bout to do my dance matter fact the whole city bout to do my dance we worldwide everybody go and do my dance Verse 1: Guaranteed tonight is a movie i got the cameras rolling Star studded affair we got the peoples open We smoke the dopest from where ever we is at and tell the bartender give me another round of that As i do my dance as i pull my pants up all the paper chasers go ahead and get ya'll bands Help ya'll man ups all the shorties up in here now report to the dance floor. Chorus 1x Verse 2. as i do my dance but i dont dance I got a couple henny bottles up in my hands And Watch these shortie and the diamonds dance And we high as shit 1 life to live and my lifes so lit and then the loud be lit and then the crowd be lit the most rowdiest Theres no stoppin us cuz its Its a stick up stick up put hands up big up liquor in the cup take a shot now lik up Chorus 2x Verse 3 Ai yai yaaa Bangkok city get litty They show me love i show it back u always coming with me I Got the sauce like msg and then i ball like msg cologne the scent of trees a hundred like a century got them stamps from overseas and had to flip the currency and currently We living chillin jus like a villian Ya'll haters need to stop and get up out of ur feelings Im here to make a million zero fucks abt opinions tell em Chorus
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