F-16 crashes in suburban Maryland

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Description: F-16 crashes in suburban Maryland F-16 crashes in suburban Maryland F-16 crashes in suburban Maryland As was originally a two ship sortie in other words two of the planes and we've now gotten confirmation. From the pentagon producer at ABC news. One of our colleagues that this was in fact an F sixteen with the DC Air National Guard the 113 fighter wing there from Andrews. Two planes took off one of them had this this catastrophic failure in air. Mr. brown said it it was a large. Thump that was a noise unlike anything that he had heard before and it was at that point the plane then started to nose down very quickly at that point. The the pilot ejected safely from the plane. The plane went down at a wooded for being between neighborhood what an amazing stroke of the that was like an area is surrounded by house. The pilot came down in a grass field in in a moment of the defendant voter rap not. That that pilot and its cellular is back here state. The plane came down in bits and pieces on both scattered through the woods there aren't. Little areas. Smoke. And all the while publicly here. F sixteens circling military helicopter to them coming in and out. This is you know quite iffy. Airport personnel trying to get a grip on what's going on there other pilots that were like me now. But by land. And helicopter as well. The pilot himself as they're not as I understand it take away. He was walking talking and communicating. They're not here this we you're not pilot who just endured. Those who is the terrible force that the deduct that. The crisis but the plane crash occurred quirky that was somebody ran out to a war I was the neighborhood is anybody's hitter but he hurt anybody hurt. He was concerned about what happened when that plane it ground.
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